This page is devoted to all things marriage and relationships.  We heard a story once of a certain celebrity and her spouse engraving their wedding rings with the phrase "A Deal's A Deal."  Commitment is what this is all about. A commitment to willingly love no matter what.

Understand His Brain, Understand Hers
It's Nice To Know
How To Love Your Wife
A Marriage Retreat in our Back Yard
Time and Marriage
Prayer for Your Husband: Part One
Prayer for Your Husband: Part Two
Prayer for Your Husband: Part Three
Prayer for Your Husband: Part Four
Prayer for Your Husband: Part Five
Prayer for Your Husband: Part Six
Prayer for Your Husband: Part Seven
Prayer for Your Husband: Part Eight 
Prayer for Your Husband: Part Nine 
Prayer for Your Husband: Final Prayer 

Keep your relationship center stage with a weekly date. Here are some of our ideas.

Catch a movie and try a flight of wine at the Riverview Movie theater and wine bar across the street. Movie and drinks all for under $15!

Keep up with FREE things to do in St. Paul and Minneapolis by visiting this site.

Pack a picnic and a kite and make an afternoon fly by.

Bring Canasta or Cribbage to a coffee shop and let the competition begin.

Try one of his hobbies. Try one of hers. Together.

Look ahead to an event or festival and experience something new together. Check out this calendar for Twin City events/festivals.

Make a gift for someone else together. Maybe for one of your kids?  For a parent.

Visit a book store or library and find a new book to read together.

Read together.  I know one couple who spent a few nights before Christmas reading "A Christmas Carol" out loud.

Volunteer together.

Make something to donate to someone or to a charity together.

Go out for dinner or dessert and plan to ask each other two or three new questions of the other.  I know a couple who decided to ask each other a new question each time they go out.

Cook a new recipe together and eat it on the floor picnic style.  We did this in the winter and cozied up in the basement in front of the fireplace.

Look ahead to a special date (like a birthday or anniversary) and plan a trip together.  Make a date of planning a BIG date.

Use an alternate form of transportation to your date. Ride a bike (tandems are fun) ski, roller blade, run, hike, canoe, swim, kayak (we have a kayak story that will show you the test of a relationship!), etc.

Go out on your first date again.

Plan a surprise date for your spouse. Let him/her surprise you.

Think about the last year -write down the blessings you have had in being in a relationship with your spouse and share them with each other over a glass of wine.  This is a way to reflect upon the good things you have together and a wonderful way to honor each other.  Try it on your next anniversary!

Get up a half hour early and make him/her breakfast in bed. Just enjoy the morning together. I can still remember a morning early in our marriage (before kids, so it must have been really early) when we lounged around in bed with coffee and listened to "acoustic sunrise" a Sunday morning program on a local radio station. Ben called in and requested one of our favorite song artists and we got to hang out and listen to our special request.

Visit an art gallery or a local artist's art show.

Plan to attend a concert together.

Attend an outdoor concert together.  Bring mosquito repellent.

Pick a play you both want to see. Go out afterwords for a drink and talk about it.  Hands down, my favorite play that I saw with Ben was the Guthrie Theater's production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. We absolutely loved it.