Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Mom's Workout

Izzy insisted today that she continue to perfect her bike riding (on TWO wheels!), so I ran along side her up and down the block. Just a few times and I was sweating and thoroughly enjoying it. She needed to be encouraged when she fell off at the corners. We worked on braking. She laughed when she went over bumps and when I pointed out that her bike sustained more "owies" than she did since she got really good at jumping off and letting it fall.

Floor was completed last night and now the decisions begin...what to put where, do we really need that, and which of our old things can/should we replace with new ones to go along with the clean and lighter look of the basement.

Izzy is now playing and reading in the "Hobbit Hole", the little closet we fashioned to be a little space for the kids to play and read. I still need to paint it, but with a book shelf, bean bag chair and small round rug, it is quite cozy. I also plan to hang a string of cute lights I bought at Goodwill, my destination of late to try and acquire cheap, but nice accessories for the basement. So far, I've had a few good finds.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Four Years Ago Today

Our fourth gift from God arrived! After a miscarriage and many, many prayers and months of waiting, Isabel Grace came into our lives. She is such a gift. When she was born I realized more powerfully the awesome and precious gift of life and the total goodness of God.

The bonus of course is her lovable and joyful personality, her helpfulness, her sense of humor, her friendship, her "I'm up for anything" attitude, her affection, her sense of peace, and her imagination.

She's a wonderful daughter!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Must Sleep, but...

I hear the paint roller downstairs and I am excited at the progress. "Ceiling White" never looked so good! Walls could be done tomorrow which means color will warm our winter sanctuary. Then the floor installation..this weekend? I head to a fabric store on Sunday to peruse fabrics to use in decorating (pillows, slip cover, etc.) Its all very thrilling for me as this is where I come in. So far, I've watched the kids while Ben works, made meals to sustain the workers, vacuumed dust, vacuumed duct, vacuumed dust ad did I mention, vacuum dust?!

In the emantime we are also in teh midst of daily rituals like homework help (Maddie announcing today, "I hate Math."), keeping little tiny objects off the ground so Pieta can't swallow them, cariong for the Lee kids while Mary spends time with Gail who is fighting cancer, etc. Little and big things all in a day.

Besides the basement coming together there is much to look forward to. Like our CCWA (Crazy Cunningham Weekend Away) in Oct. with just the ladies. And, the 5k walk I get to do with Ann as a chance to catch up with her and get some much needed exercise in. Also, the garage sale coming up and the chance to sell our wares and hang out with neighbors and friends.

Much to do and much to be thankful for.

Monday, September 7, 2009

New Routines, i-phones, and other happenings

Probably some random thoughts here, but oh well.

We are gearing up for school to begin tomorrow for Maddie and Kate. I will be home with Izzy and heave Pieta here Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. I have really enjoyed this summer with all the girls - they have been helpful with new chores, playful with friends and neighbors, imaginative in their play, willing to try new things. Kate learned how to play tennis from her "Aunt" Jill. She really got the hang of the swing, positions, and was able to hit a lot of balls. I'm considering the Urban Tennis program for her next summer, especially since they meet right up the road at Homecroft School.

Kids in school means new routines at home. We will have to drive the girls to and from school - maybe bike it or walk a few times! I'll have to create a cleaning and laundry schedule to keep me on task and make sure it all gets done well. I function better on a schedule and like routines. I also hope to build in exercise-I think I can make it to the YMCA twice a week and maybe do something here at home the other days. I still have knee problems after I exercise. Just a slight pain, inflammation maybe. I also hope to build in time for prayer and meditations on the Gospels. I learned a great new method of focused prayer that really helps to get to know the person and humanity of Christ. Will blog more about that when I actually do it!

On a totally different note- I have been getting the paper and read a big front page article the other day about stay at home moms and the use of i-phones. While I am all for technology and its amazing uses and help for convenience and other good things, I was struck at the three large photos printed of this one mom who used her i-phone a lot. The pictures showed her on a walk with her kids checking her email; at a cafe with her three kids checking the latest headlines; and I forget the other one. The point of the article was broader than that, but I was just surprised that all the pictures and captions showed her in fact not being present to her kids, but using the device to do things that probably could have been done at a different time. I just know from experience that it is really tempting to go to the computer or cell phone to catch up, touch base, or amuse myself. But, I am often convicted of the thought, "Is this the BEST time for this?" My children still nee me to be attentive and present to them especially if we are on a walk, at the park or other outing TOGETHER. This is something I am finding may actually be a 'lost art'- being present to people. I always find more productive and efficient time to use technology in the moments when all is quiet and the kids are otherwise occupied. Just my reaction to the news! It's tough in this time to be a really good homemaker. The paper doesn't make it any easier.