Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Thanks, Beka

For reminding me about Pandora. I just created two radio stations, one called Pink Martini (for me) and The Beatles with 50's and 60's music for the family. I know I am late in discovering the awesome power one has to create her own music station. Oh well, it is really cool! I've discovered three new artists that I think I could really like. And with a dance studio just a few furniture moves away in the basement, this should work well to let loose on a Friday night. We are making attempts to revive Family Night where we choose to stay home or at least be together doing one purposeful activity. In the past we have done board games, played "Sardines", watched a movie, etc. We also make it easy for dinner and clean up by using paper plates (the one time mom gives in) and popping in a pizza or making our own. Family and Music should just go together.

Friday, October 23, 2009

When the Weather Can't Make Up It's Mind to Rain or Snow...

...One must warm up the house with baking. Izzy and I made granola and carrot/zucchini bread today. Yum! Maddie is recouperating on the basement couch watching her beloved Wizard of Oz. The glowing fireplace makes this the coziest spot in the house (second only to the warm, spicy/sweet smelling kitchen).

Another $10 and Under Date Night Idea to share: Register with Buca Di Beppo and receive coupons in the mail for $10 off a $20 tab. That will cover a pizza and a drink.

Another Winning Performance

We watched the movie Doubt last night and found the performances by the main characters to be supurb. Meryl Streep did it again and the cinematography by Roger Deakins made the play-to-big screen project work as well as it did. I need to watch it again to catch more of the nuances that add to the mystery of the plot and help flesh out the characters even more. If the play is ever performed nearby, I'll make it a point to go. I imagine it is quite an intriguing and captivating play to watch.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

500 Club

Birdie wins again! Bob, Dianne, Birdie and I formed a 500 card playing club. We meet once per month at each others homes and play 3 rounds of the awesome game 500. Winner of the night gets a lottery scratch card from everyone. Birdie has won both times we've met so far and has won a whopping total of $1. Of course, the bragging rights are worth much more! It has been really fun so far and I predicted last night that in a few months time, we will know each others' verbal and non-verbal cues so much better that the game will intensify and get even more exciting. Already, Bob has surprised us all with some clever tricks and sly laying of cards.

Monday, October 19, 2009

A new uncle!

We welcome Dave Lamb to the family. He and Barbara were engaged on Saturday at Taylor's Falls. You make a handsome couple! Gosh the weddings are abundant this next year. What a blessing!

Kate's Pumpkin!

Weighing in at 14.6 pounds and now waiting to be carved. Kate nurtured and patiently waited to harvest her pumpkin. Nice work, kid.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Only Game I Went to This Season

And it was Goooooooood!

The Minnesota Twins clinched the Division and along with Ben, Jill and Dan, I got to see it!

From the super crowded-thought-I-might-witness-some-Metro Transit-rage to the horns honking throughout downtown Minneapolis, last night was a great time!

Brought home two Homer Hankies to show the girls and explained to them what needs to happen now for the Twins to take the World Series title...let's take it one game at a time. It will be a tough road. But that's what the Twins are used to.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Awake at 5:30 am

So, I have time to just ramble. What's the deal with such an early rise on a Saturday?! It has been wonderful to make my coffee and head to the well lit basement to read the paper, pray and not bother those still sleeping. I am excited for the next step in the basement...shelving our books, cleaning out the fireplace (super dusty from construction), and painting the Hobbit Hole. The kids have enjoyed using the new play area after school and have had fun re-discovering toys that were stored away.

Depending on how adventurous we feel today, we may take a trip to the apple orchard. Weather looks cold and damp.

I've been working hard to keep responsibilities in order as I figure out how to best use my time and when to be attentive to the needs of family, house and others. Of course, exercise takes a back seat. Will it ever be the top priority? In terms of long term health, something has to change here! I just heard of a new book out that I am told is a good read..something about being younger next year. I think its about practical ways to maintain good health to live to an old age. Maybe that will provide some inspiration!

In light of Gail Lee's passing, I have thought a lot about homemaking and what it means to do it well. Much of it comes naturally for me, but there are also areas where I need to be more attentive and work to develop skills that I wish to pass on. It seems that Gail really impacted her kids with practical skills, love for the outdoors, striving for excellence, hospitality, and much more. Example means so much. It seems that Gail "taught" a lot just by doing and not preaching much. I think that's a good tone to set in a household. I have been convicted lately of what my children and husband see me doing as opposed to what I say I am going to do or what I talk about. They will learn better and appreciate me I think if I let them work alongside me, observe good and healthy living, and participate in worthwhile projects and endeavors. Sounds simple, but can be hard to do. I also learned from Gail's example that learning continues and can be a wonderful pursuit no matter the age. Curiosity, wonder, intellectual pursuits all should be very active in a home. Otherwise, how will we change, grow, impact others, and just appreciate the awesome world we live in?