Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Thanks, Beka

For reminding me about Pandora. I just created two radio stations, one called Pink Martini (for me) and The Beatles with 50's and 60's music for the family. I know I am late in discovering the awesome power one has to create her own music station. Oh well, it is really cool! I've discovered three new artists that I think I could really like. And with a dance studio just a few furniture moves away in the basement, this should work well to let loose on a Friday night. We are making attempts to revive Family Night where we choose to stay home or at least be together doing one purposeful activity. In the past we have done board games, played "Sardines", watched a movie, etc. We also make it easy for dinner and clean up by using paper plates (the one time mom gives in) and popping in a pizza or making our own. Family and Music should just go together.

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