One of our favorite past times.  And always accompanied by popcorn that is salt licking good.

Movies For Mom and Dad

SOMM - A documentary that follows four candidates hoping to attain the world recognized (and almost impossible to achieve) recognition of Master Sommelier. A toast to those who live in the world of wine!

Doubt - We watched the movie Doubt last night and found the performances by the main characters to be supurb. Meryl Streep did it again and the cinematography by Roger Deakins made the play-to-big screen project work as well as it did.


 Gosford Park - Maggie Smith, Michael Gambon, Clive Owen, Helen Mirren, just to name a few; the entire cast is excellent, the multi-layered storyline fun to keep up with, the dialogue and directing wonderful. One question. Would you prefer to live "above stairs" or "below stairs"?

Amazing Grace - This one will inspire you to give your life to change the world. Also set in England. I have a thing for English films. Words like honor, passion, justice, oratory, faith, come to mind.  Makes the case for working until your body is totally spent for a cause you believe the Lord has called you to serve. Oh, and Michael Gambon again.

True Grit - Another masterpiece of cinematography by Roger Deakins. Wonderful performances and interplay between an old curmudgeon and a mature spit fire of a teenager. A Coen brothers gem.

 Moneyball You don't need to love baseball to appreciate the well written dialogue, humor, drama and performances in this film. The sweet moments of a 12 year old girl singing for her father will melt your heart.

John Adams, HBO miniseries - starring one of my favorite actresses, Laura Linney.

Family Friendly Movies 

Nanny McPhee - Imaginative, Beautiful bright bold colors,
Entertaining Wardrobe/costumes

Peter Pan - Imaginative, Entertaining Musical numbers, heroes and villains, home and family  

Babies - Playing with toilet paper, licking bones, learning to stand...these four babies from around the world will entertain you for sure. 

One way to monitor and choose "family friendly" movies is to read the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops movie reviews.  They also have a great list of movies to see from each decade.  Have you ever wondered what the Vatican has listed as the top 45 movies?