Friday, June 6, 2014

Best Sidewalk Chalk Ever

We've gone through our share of sidewalk chalk. Hundreds and hundreds of pastel, round, fat pieces of chalk used for temporary designs and games on the driveway and sidewalk. With every semi-annual cleaning of the deck box toy bin we find itty bitty bits and pieces of the stuff.

I recently found this box on amazon and would not buy another kind again. Though sad to say though we are nearing the end of our sidewalk chalk era. (We are beginning the discussion of what kind of second car to buy since we will soon be a family of three drivers. Help!)

Just look at what the 48 different colors has inspired.

My camera does not do justice to the vibrancy of the colors. This closer view of the bursting flower/sun gives a somewhat better idea of just how bright they are.

We left this message to my two still-in-school-finals-in-full-swing-wish-I-were-enjoying-summer-like-my-older-sister girls who walk from the corner to home.

The easy to carry box contains 48 pieces that squared or cornered (so they don't roll) and recently sold for only $3.50 on amazon. That deal looks like it has passed, but they are still on the inexpensive side especially if you are an amazon prime member.

Check it out. I mean chalk it out!

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