Re-Use, Re-Cycle, Re-Ferber - a motto to live by.

A little history - I grew up in a home, the same home, with almost nothing brand new adorning it. The house, that is.  The Ferber house. New siblings seemed to come every two years or so.  The big joke was how old or worn or handed down, handed down something was.  But, we were happy.  Mom and dad made a HOME for us.  A house can be filled with many new things, but a home has peace, love, joy, hope, contentment, make it work, make it fit, make it last another year (or decade) attitudes in it.  So, I thought it fitting, since we rarely stray far from our family of origin (in terms of being set in our ways), to designate an entire page to this concept.  We've adopted it at some level in our life.  Here's how we choose to be frugal, provident and resourceful with our time, talent and treasure. 

DIY Centerpiece

Sew Good Goods - a non profit sharing the joy of sewing and giving.

Kisses From Mom pocket pillow

   Tote Bag - Audrey Style

Advent Wreath

Forty Seven Cent Latte
I have to say, sipping on one today really does bring us both back 12 years to the lovely streets of Paris where we people watched and...
Find It 

It's a game. Or an activity. Or a challenge. Or a bore. Or a rattle. Or something to shake when you are frustrated and can't find the thing. Or whatever you fancy.

Summer Challenge

Today, somehow I managed to go through my entire recipe box while watching 5 kids under 5 years old. I threw out the ones I never make and never will make...

Re-cycled Gift

This is actually more of a re-homemade gift.  I found this at a garage sale for $5...

Are These Pockets Worth It?