Saturday, March 12, 2011

Start Your Day Right - Part Deux

WARNING: Do not proceed in reading this post if you have given up coffee or lattes or any other espresso related drink.

If you have given this up for the next 37 days, and still want to proceed, I can't stop you. But consider yourself warned.

You may be tempted to break your Lenten promise.


All set?

Here goes:

I promised my husband to make him breakfast in bed one time each month for this "homemade" Christmas gift for him. So far, I have made good on my promise and prepared two meals served with love bright and early. Well, not so bright yet, but we're getting there. Spring is a couple weeks away!

The most important part of the breakfast is the latte - reminiscent of our honeymoon in Paris where we were served one of these every morning. I have to say, sipping on one today really does bring us both back 12 years to the lovely streets of Paris where we people watched and smoked our way through the days just enjoying the view, conversation and the company. Each other. The smoking is long gone, but the lattes and conversations remain.

Anyway, we have resurrected the homemade latte made possible with these two essential pieces.

One is the outdoors mini espresso maker from REI. We have had this for years and taken it on many a camping trip.
We use a standard camping cup to catch the espresso.
The other essential item is this, the frothing gizmo. This is what I found in my stocking for Christmas- an unexpected treat!
I like this one from Aerolatte because it comes in a hard plastic case to keep it from bending and warping in our one overstuffed utility drawer that sheds little bits of warped wood all over our kitchen tools and gadgets. This one stays clean and protected thanks to the cover.

In just under five minutes, I can whip up a perfect latte. With perfect foam.
The actual brewing on the stove top takes about three minutes and heating the milk in the microwave takes a mere 23 seconds.

And it only costs 47 cents total.

I use 1/2 ounce of espresso and 3 ounces of 1% milk.

In my figuring (with the help of a calculator) the espresso costs 38 cents each day and the milk costs 9 cents.

The total again is 47 cents.

Forty seven cents.

I triple dog dare you to find a latte that cheap and one that tastes soooooooooo good elsewhere.

Sometimes homemade means more maintenance, more time, more space, more money, and a sacrifice of some sort - maybe taste, or quality.

Not this time.

The tools are easily stowed and take up little room.

The cost can't be beat.

And the time is minimal.

Oh, and the taste is just as good, if not better than what you would be served at Starbuck's.

I have to say whether it is sitting at a morning campfire or lounging in bed with a hot breakfast and the day's paper, this is a wonderful way to start the day.

Thank you, Paris, for getting us hooked.

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