Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Prayer

A friend shared a prayer with me that is composed of ten parts. It is a prayer to offer up for your husband. Prayer is dis-arming; it is honest; it is real; it is a conversation.

I think God wants to hear and bless our efforts to lift up the particular concerns of our hearts in regards to our spouse. And, I think the ten parts of this prayer speak well to the concerns and make up of men.

So, here is the first prayer. Simple. But it can be hard to say. Often, I have the plan in mind. I have the ideas for how best he should channel his energy and to which passions he should devote his time and money. I am a planner after all. I can stir him up. I can create the picture for him of God's intentions. I am good at that.

Well, I really need to just get out of the way. I need to respect, appreciate and love the unique and unrepeatable man that he is. And I need to allow for his own heart to lead him to those things that will most glorify the Lord and bless our family.


Prayer for my husband: Part One

Open his eyes to Your plan for his life. The plan for which

he was created and that would stir up energy and passion in him.

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