Friday, March 25, 2011

Prayer: Part Four

I was exercising last week and through the ear buds heard the nice computerized voice of iPod shuffle lady say, "Battery Low, Battery Low."

Time to re-charge.

Which seems simple, but I had to ask my husband for the gizmo thingy to plug it into and for what color light I should be looking for to know it was completely recharged. (I really need to find the tiny box this thing came in to read the tiny 2 inch square paper on which the directions are printed in tiny type.)

That's my brilliant segue into the next part of the Prayer for My Husband.

It is about re-charging.

When I think about re-charging I think about getting a boost of energy, being strengthened and uplifted, increased zeal, joy, being motivated to keep get the picture.

I believe the home is a great place and maybe the best place for one to be re-charged. The place where one is built up because of the close supportive relationships there; the place where one is comfortable relaxing in their way; where one feels freedom to be in his own skin, to be who he is; the place where one ought to be appreciated and cared for and loved when present; a place one longs for when he is not there.

Certainly there are other places that also provide these things. But I believe the home ought to be the primary one, especially for family. And for husbands.

I believe that part of my vocation is to build the kind of environment that Ben and the kids and myself long to be a part of. I try to work hard at cultivating a setting where the spaces, the tone, the attitudes, the expectations and the details are geared towards a happy life together.

My particular vocation is a homemaker and I grant you that I have more time to do this since I am home a lot. I realize I am in a minority in my job. But, this vocation can also be taken for granted. I could and sometimes do become lazy, bitter, vocal, tired, emotional, disgruntled, anxious...just as any person does in his/her job.

But, I also believe its important to always try to better oneself and grow in doing one's work well. This includes contributing to a home life that is pleasant, welcoming, inviting, peaceful, and happy. And it often takes good old fashioned hard work.

It doesn't happen automatically just because one snowy day in January I said I would "love you all the days of my life" in front of hundreds of people.

Lord knows it sometimes takes a lot of seemingly super human effort.

And, I think that is the point.

Through the blessing of grace and by the power of the Holy Spirit, I am able to turn these small enclosed 8 foot high walls into a haven where we all desire to be. And, hopefully into a place where he wants to be. Even more so than at his job, out with his friends, on then bike, at church, on the water riding the waves, etc.

Not that he shouldn't find solace and comfort and peace also in his other endeavors. Of course he should. They are also important for being a well rounded and whole person. I want to wholeheartedly support his passions and interests and career.

But I also want him to come home to open arms. To a pleasant greeting. To a setting where he just knows he is appreciated for the sacrifices he makes. Where he feels loved in his way.

And so I pray,

Prayer Part Four:

Recharge him at home more than at work or play.

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