Monday, March 28, 2011

Half Way Through the Prayer

Part Five of the Prayer for My Husband is an easy one for me to say.

Since his Senior year in college, Ben has chosen to have critical conversations with guys he admires and to make time for fun and leisure with guys who know how to do fun and leisure well. He sought out a pseudo men's group while in college and had the opportunity to be challenged and encouraged to live a good strong life in the Lord. It was the start of something big in his life.

Since that time, Ben has submitted his life in headship to solid men of God. They have each brought a unique perspective to Ben over the years. I have seen how having different men in his life that he chooses to disclose his life to has been fruitful in his growing as a person and man of faith.

It has also helped our relationship and his fatherhood.

Solid and dynamic friends also have been present in his life. He has known the companionship of good men to bike with, camp with, talk technology with, mix up a good drink with, and re-model a basement with.

I smile each time Ben's friend Rodnie (and god father of our eldest) calls for him. I just know that a good conversation is around the corner for Ben. I know Rodnie will call him on, provide him perspective about marriage and family, challenge him, ask him about his life, offer wisdom and advice when asked, and make him laugh.

I smile when Ben expresses to me, "So and so is a good brother." And he means a good brother in the Lord. A good person for him to be around. A person who helps direct him towards the good.

I smile when I think how much I can't provide for him and how much other men freely choose to do so without expecting much in return.

I am thankful that he has a good relationship with his dad and meets him for lunch once in awhile just to talk.

I am overall grateful for the men present in his life.

I hope I remember to lift up this crucial need in his life for the rest of his life. People come and go. We have seen that and will continue to. But the Lord always provides somebody. He wants us to be happy and fulfilled in our friendships.

I don't think we were ever meant to or really can carry out a lot of close relationships. Like my morning latte or a piece of rich creamy Cafe Latte-like cheesecake, quality is better than quantity.

Pray that he finds and keeps quality guys.

He needs them in his life.

So do you.

Prayer Part Five:

Help him develop friendships with other men that would encourage, strengthen, validate, bless, and focus him on His identity and purpose in You.

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