Monday, April 30, 2012

Marcel The Shell


Watch the above when you've had a long day and need a good laugh

When you want to laugh so much it gives your abs a workout, and it counts for your ab workout for the day

When you want to satisfy your curiosity about what the life of a shell is really like

When need a de-stresser for your daughter who is stressing about homework yet to be completed

When you need some fun and cheap entertainment for a few minutes

It's family friendly too.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Now a Mrs.

And that makes four of us.

(Hey, how did she get as tall as me?)

We danced, we clapped for the happy couple, we caught up with family we hadn't seen in ages, we celebrated the Lord's day, and topped off dinner with hand crafted cupcakes.

A gorgeous and joyful wedding celebration!

Following are my favorite shots, from the first moment they saw each other to the final moments at their reception - no clinking glasses here, they kissed for us only when a guest made a donation towards Erik's nephew's medical expenses - clever, touching, self-less, and effective!


Life in a Month

Well, I have started 4 blog entries in the past month, all good ideas and things I want to write about, but no time to edit or flesh them out.  This is all random, but it's the best I can do for now with Ben out of town and Saturday morning chores looming before we head to Girls of Praise - three different groups starting and ending at three different times.

We have had quite a month!  Highlights include the birth of Baby George; 3 days celebrating O'Reilly-ness with my lady cousins (there are 52 grandchildren of my generation, 26 guys and 26 gals, 18 of whom were together for a weekend, not a bad showing); 4 glorious days in South Bend with friends (dunes again did not disappoint); the official welcome of brother Erik to our family (I think MC and Erik are perhaps one of the most joyful couples I know); hosting our first overnight guests (John and Megan) ever in this house and loving the late night happy hours just getting to know them better; watching and praying that my first tulips withstand the freezing temperatures (they have and look beautiful, at least the ones in the front, not sure what happened in the back yard); another successful Easter timpano accompanied by wonderful guests and conversation and of course really good wine (provided by Julie and Beth who have a knack for pairing wine and food); and just experiencing another amazing Ferber wedding with lots of hospitality and family time, games, meals, cleaning, conversation, work, honoring, play, dancing and laughter all in the mix.  It is a blessed whirlwind of joy and love when we all get together.

Hard things to swallow too in this month: cancer discovered in a good friend; financial realities forcing hard thinking about the role and purpose of homemaking; decisions to make regarding education, controversial elements over shadowing the good in school; and then some...

Off to work now. There are some dandelions out there in the yard who in about 10 minutes won't know what hit them.