Thursday, March 3, 2011

Find It

I inherited a few small items from my Grandma Clare. She died two years ago and outlived my other grandparents by several years. This is one thing that somehow ended up in my hands and I just found it after going through one of my quickly dwindling memorabilia boxes. I downsize daily. I have to. As new items enter the house through the front door, more go out the back into either a recycling bin or Goodwill box. This month I've also started a garage sale bin in preparation for our annual May sale.

Anyway, this is something I just can't part with. It's a game. Or an activity. Or a challenge. Or a bore. Or a rattle. Or something to shake when you are frustrated and can't find the thing. Or whatever you fancy.

It is one of those small plastic beverage bottles filled with bird seed and other tiny things to camouflage these eight items that Grandma put into the bottle.
Kind of hard to read her writing in this picture, but the items are a paper clip, toothpick, safety pin, penny, tic tac, button, marble and screw.

It took four of us able bodied folks a few hours over the course of a day to find each thing.

It's harder than it looks.

Try it!  It looks simple to make, uses household items, and will provide entertainment for a good long while.

You could stash one in your purse or diaper bag and have it on hand for those harried mom moments.

Or, you could store it for years high up in a hard to reach box that you force yourself to go through because you can't keep everything you once found precious.   If I did that, I'd need a much bigger closet.

But, then you would re-discover the Find It game and have a new challenge all over again.

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