Monday, February 10, 2014

Kisses From Mom

I finally made it to Sewtropolis, a cute independent fabric store in town. I walked in with great hopes of being inspired. Inspired for the homemade gifts I intended to make for my family for Christmas.  I walked out with two inspirations and one stack of pre-cut squares of fabric.

I chose to sew the squares together to make the front of a throw pillow for my daughter's bed. But it is much more than a decorative piece for her bed.
Kate read a book called Kisses From Katie, a story told by a young woman who left her comfortable life in the US and moved to Uganda. She is the mother of 13 adopted girls.
The name of the book and the tiny squares I was hoping to sew together gave me the idea to make a pillow that would show my love for my daughter over and over and over.

I love the variety of color and pattern in the squares. The ease of buying a pre-cut stack of coordinating fabrics makes this a doable project in a short amount of time.

I sewed a pocket on the back of the pillow cover.

Then I made a few starter note cards with a heart decoration at the top. I used scraps of fabric and ironed the hearts onto cardstock paper using an iron on bond product.

Periodically I write a love note to my daughter and leave it in the pocket. A little "kiss" from mom.

She enjoys receiving these random notes and anticipating the next one; Kate highly values words of affirmation.
This pillow falls under the category of the "gift that keeps on giving". I like to consider ways a gift can continue to bless someone and be meaningful in multiple ways for them.

To my dismay Sewtropolis is now closed. You can still take sewing classes, I believe, and purchase items online, but the cute corner store is no longer open.

Oh well.

The second inspiration I walked away with will be better shared in the Spring. The giant mounds of snow we have now prevent me from taking pictures of this one. Stay tuned!

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