Monday, February 17, 2014

Hand Towels and Hamstrings

One whole hour?!

Didn't think I could do it. Would have preferred to watch the Olympics live while letting the Lindor Milk Chocolate Truffles my husband gave me on Valentine's Day melt in my mouth.

But I chose to try today's episode from and I am thankful I did.

Jessica changes it up with this Mash Up video - some kick boxing, core strengthening, jump rope / jack moves, floor work.

I love the use of hand towels. For me it added a whole new dimension to exercise.  I have just enough usable space on our laminate basement floor to follow along. Other things taking up space include a soon to be installed toilet, large assortment of cardboard (to be turned into a medieval castle sometime this week), and just stuff, lots of stuff.

Jessica keeps it lively and fun with this one.

I even said "hello" to my hamstrings. They screamed back, "Stop, we've been happy being so dormant for so long. What is happening?"

An hour well spent.

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