Monday, February 17, 2014

Ouch Abs

"But it hurts to work out."

I know.

I did this six minute abs workout and ow! ow! ow! ow! ow! ow!......I was very verbal during this workout as my weak abs woke up and realized I was asking them to do things that hadn't been done in years.

I cried out in pain so loud my daughter ran down the stairs and said, "Mom, it sounds like you are giving birth!"

#1: How would she know?

#2: How would I know? C-sections spared me from the trauma of natural child birth.

But this workout below generates the good kind of pain, and it can be modified it to your level of pain tolerance....take it slow, do a few less reps, rest a little longer between's up to you.

The whole routine goes quickly I promise.

Pain is not an excuse to not exercise. When I feel the burn, I know something is working.

Try it!

It feels so good to have done it. And the pain is temporary. Forgettable. Much like labor is, I am told.

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Tj Ferbs said...

Since you're on the subject of exercising, I thought of two more exercises you can do with the kettlebell/dumbbell (or your other dumbbells): The two olympic lifts- the "Clean and Jerk" and the "Snatch". They build strength/explosiveness but also have a functional life application (picking things up and putting them down). I recommend googling a good teaching video, and starting with lower dumbbell weights.