Wednesday, February 12, 2014

No Space? No Problem.

"But I don't have space to work out."

This may be a common objection to exercising in your abode. 

I understand. We live in a small rambler type house. Each room is small. And there are five of us and all our stuff all over. Especially in Winter it feels like we are bursting at the seams with normal use of each room. Designating a space to exercise seems near impossible. How I envy those with a home gym!

Sadly for me, I cannot use the excuse of no space to keep me from exercising in my home.

Jessica Smith of made it too easy for me.

In the video below she completes a high intensity interval workout in a corner of her home.

Inspired, I turned our living room into my exercise studio for 30 minutes.

I slid the coffee table to the right and worked out with Jessica. I used only about a 4x4 foot space in front of our fireplace. The brick step came in handy to prop the laptop and to use for part of the routine. My five pound weights were close by to work the arms.

No excuses is not an issue.

Sweating in the living room feels good!

Try it.

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Jen Theis said...

That is great Lucy! She makes me sweat and can't find an excuse to avoid her.