Saturday, February 15, 2014

Sakana Sushi!

photo by Bob Cunningham

Yesterday evening we checked out a restaurant very close to home and serving one of my favorite cuisines - Japanese! Any time I can eat salmon, cucumber, shrimp and avocado in one dish, I am game. A spicy mayo and eel sauce made it divine. This was a date night dinner to remember.

Sakana Sushi and Asian Bistro (three locations in the Twin Cities) offers gorgeous plates of sushi and a variety of other menu items from other Asian countries.
The Thai lettuce wraps were warm and delicious - a bit messy to eat, but worth it. I am inspired to find a recipe and try it out on the whole family. Part of the whole experience for me is appreciating the variety of dishware that is used to serve each menu item. Call me simple, but I like the look of a table that displays small square plates, long rectangular ones, and a tall martini shaped dish (for the calamari appetizer we ordered).

Oh, you also have to be fairly competent in eating with chopsticks. No silverware is provided.

Ben tried sake for the first time. The first glass was a refreshing, cool drink with a taste of cucumber. The second was not as good in my opinion. When you order sake, I learned you start with the sweetest and move to a less sweet glass. Apparently my tastes hover around the sweeter varieties.

Sakana is definitely a place we will frequent again. We could eat at a booth, the bar or at the counter watching the pros work their magic making sushi right there in front of us.

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