Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Mom's Workout

Izzy insisted today that she continue to perfect her bike riding (on TWO wheels!), so I ran along side her up and down the block. Just a few times and I was sweating and thoroughly enjoying it. She needed to be encouraged when she fell off at the corners. We worked on braking. She laughed when she went over bumps and when I pointed out that her bike sustained more "owies" than she did since she got really good at jumping off and letting it fall.

Floor was completed last night and now the decisions begin...what to put where, do we really need that, and which of our old things can/should we replace with new ones to go along with the clean and lighter look of the basement.

Izzy is now playing and reading in the "Hobbit Hole", the little closet we fashioned to be a little space for the kids to play and read. I still need to paint it, but with a book shelf, bean bag chair and small round rug, it is quite cozy. I also plan to hang a string of cute lights I bought at Goodwill, my destination of late to try and acquire cheap, but nice accessories for the basement. So far, I've had a few good finds.

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