Thursday, September 10, 2009

Must Sleep, but...

I hear the paint roller downstairs and I am excited at the progress. "Ceiling White" never looked so good! Walls could be done tomorrow which means color will warm our winter sanctuary. Then the floor installation..this weekend? I head to a fabric store on Sunday to peruse fabrics to use in decorating (pillows, slip cover, etc.) Its all very thrilling for me as this is where I come in. So far, I've watched the kids while Ben works, made meals to sustain the workers, vacuumed dust, vacuumed duct, vacuumed dust ad did I mention, vacuum dust?!

In the emantime we are also in teh midst of daily rituals like homework help (Maddie announcing today, "I hate Math."), keeping little tiny objects off the ground so Pieta can't swallow them, cariong for the Lee kids while Mary spends time with Gail who is fighting cancer, etc. Little and big things all in a day.

Besides the basement coming together there is much to look forward to. Like our CCWA (Crazy Cunningham Weekend Away) in Oct. with just the ladies. And, the 5k walk I get to do with Ann as a chance to catch up with her and get some much needed exercise in. Also, the garage sale coming up and the chance to sell our wares and hang out with neighbors and friends.

Much to do and much to be thankful for.

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