Saturday, February 11, 2012

It's Nice to Know

I have the privilege of working in the same office once or twice each week with the Director of Advancement for Trinity School at River Ridge. She is kind of like a mentor in guiding our little alumni association along and helping me, the director, with her insights, wisdom and lots of practical support.  It is a pleasure to work in her company and learn from her.

Yesterday I heard the last three words of a phone conversation she was having with her husband of 25 years.  I was pretty engrossed in a project bur heard her farewell.

"Love you, too", she said.

Pretty normal thing to say at the end of a conversation. But it struck me as I drove myself home that afternoon, that her words, though normal, are hardly ordinary. They are a really nice thing to say. Especially to your spouse.

I was brought back to one of my favorite scenes from the movie Fiddler On The Roof. I love the dialogue and song between Tevye and Golde when he asks her if she loves him.  Her reaction is one I imitate a lot. "Do I whaaaat?!!???!!"  As, if to say, what kind of ridiculous question is that?  Honey, I got work to do here (for Golde, the Sabbath was fast approaching), it's a busy time, leave me alone. And my sentiment which is usually something like "You're catching me off guard here."

Tevye explains that since their marriage was arranged and he first saw her on their wedding day 25 years ago, he didn't really know if she loved him. He still doesn't really know.  She never expressed it in those words directly to him.

As the song continues, she reflects on the acts of love, her service and all their time together as proof of  her love for him.

Tevye presses her for an answer.  He still wants the words to be said and heard.

"I suppose I do", she finally says.  And he is happy.

The couple ends the song singing together side by side, "It doesn't change a thing, but even so...after 25 years, it's nice to know."

I agree. It's just really nice to hear and say those words. 

Let's just be nice.

I think Love depends on it.

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