Wednesday, February 22, 2012

This Lefty

Thirteen years ago today we named this girl, our left-handed and unique-in-many-ways-daughter.  At that time, she was just a hope for the future.

We were riding the Metro in Paris, stopped at the Madeleine train stop, looked at each other and had one of those totally in sync with each other moments. "If we ever have a girl, let's name her Madeleine."

We shook on it.

Well, she came exactly one year later and two months before her due date.

This Lefty surprised us from the beginning and continues to bless and amaze us now.

She has persevered over several months now to get this far in the splits and she keeps going. She's got that "practice makes perfect" thing stuck in her head.

This Lefty loves to tackle new projects and pitch in. The other day she learned to use a power drill screw driver thingy.

Recently, she's got more of that "grown up" look about her and she's showing maturity and wisdom in her young age.  She likes to hang around after dinner and be part of the "adult conversation."
This Lefty nearly brought her father to tears when he saw this image of her on facebook.


He was so proud to see her attempt, stay up, and enjoy Stand Up Paddle.

This Lefty loves her friends and her sisters. Her sisters are her friends. And her friends are like sisters.

She can still ham it up and giggle and goof around...I think that will always be a part of who she is. I really hope it is.  She's got that flair for the dramatic.  Wonder where that comes from?


(I'm not sure if I should be concerned about the above photo. She is wearing my prom dress from Junior year and holding a gun.)

This Lefty has shown a maturity in caring for others. I was not feeling well the other day and she reaches her hand across the seat in the van to pray over me. All on her own. So dear.  And actually helpful, I believe.

She loves her little cousins and the little siblings of her friends.


This Lefty, once just a hope in the form of a name, is a pure blessing, pure joy, a perfect Gift.

Happy 12th Birthday, dear one.  You bring the love of the Lord to our family.

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