Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Veggie Painting

Seems like I'm on an artsy craftsy streak here, but I think its just the cold weather.  I'm more apt to dig through the craft bin and art cabinet when temps dip near zero.  I also whole-heartedly just believe in the power of artistic inspiration. Sometimes it just hits you over the head.

Like the other day.

I was chopping up vegetables at my IKEA kitchen island as I always do early in the week for my meal prep. I chopped the end off a bunch of celery and looked at it.  I paused, decided not to throw it into our compost bowl as usual.  Instead, I was inspired with a new idea. An artsy craftsy idea. With one look I knew I had a new painting project on my hands.  I added a couple other veggie throwaways and now had a project to pitch to the kids.

Think potato stamping, just easier, in my opinion. And frankly, we're just not potato people.  I rarely prepare them. Don't tell my Irish relatives. I mean with a last name in my blood that starts with O' you'd think we'd be on the potato bandwagon, but we're not...we're more rice folks.

Here's what I came up with for vegetables to try.

I gathered a few more things to add to the veggies - paint, paper, paper towel and old pie tins.  I've saved a few for just this reason.  I pull them out anytime we paint.  Kids love smearing paint around in those tins.

Now this idea may be as old as the hills and I am just late in getting it, but here it is anyway - our creation.

As you can see, veggie painting became finger painting in the end.  Fine by was new and different and as we stamped the pink "flowers" I thought ahead to the homemade Valentines my kindergartner may want to make for her class.  I love the challenge her school poses each February with its strong suggestion to make ones own Valentines.

Besides just the basic picture to hang on the fridge or bulletin board, here are some other ideas I came up with for what to make with these veggie stamps.

Greeting Cards
Wrapping Paper (I buy a large roll of white or brown paper for us to personally decorate for the recipient.)
Welcome Home Signs, Birthday Signs
Place Cards
Decorating a solid color gift bag
Add a flower to an envelop and mail a letter to a friend (remember those days?)
Decorate a homemade book mark

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