Monday, March 10, 2014

The Nothing Box and the Nail

Our hub dinner last night included some special entertainment.

Ben took us through a slide show of his Winter Camping trip (which I will post pictures of soon).

But first, we were treated to a viewing of these two youtube videos.

The context here is that during our dinner Shellee began telling us about a class she is taking at UST as part of her pursuit to attain a Master's degree in Pastoral Ministry. The subject of her course got us to talking about our understanding of the differences between men and women. Two videos captured some of the inherent distinctions.

This one, a snippet of a longer lecture, is titled A Tale of Two Brains.

Now watch this one - it highlights insights shared in the first.

I had seen this one before, but appreciate it much more in light of having watched the first.

I recommend watching with your significant other.

Much laughter and "Aha" moments occurred as we all watched together.

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