Saturday, March 8, 2014

Blessings of the Day

Although yesterday was tough emotionally, it was not without it small blessings to lift my spirits.

Blessing #1. My chat with the Target clerk who rang up my items this morning. Turns out we both lost our fathers in the last year. I listened as she shared about her experience and the anonymous gift of an airline ticket she got so she could visit him after his series of strokes and say goodbye. I was blessed she shared so freely and walked out the store happy to have shared such a moment with a stranger.

Blessing #2. My husband's advice for improving my resume. I am applying for a part-time position and needed a second pair of eyes on my writing. I am blessed he shared his wisdom between conference calls and while his back pain flared. I delivered the resume with confidence.

Blessing #3. My bathroom/laundry room floor. Just enough tiles were installed this morning to confirm that my instinct for the black and white checker pattern was a good one. I am glad I asked for this - my one and only idea for the floor.

Blessing #4. Flowers delivered by Nana and Pops. Always lovely to receive a bouquet from them and have their cheerful presence in our home.

Blessing #5. An ice cream delivery from Amy. Special treat this Friday in Lent: Ice cream for dinner!

Blessing #6. A spontaneous game of 500 to end the day. Aided by handfuls of popcorn and nibbles of incredible date bars, Beka and I came out on top. Won two games!

Blessings abound. I am grateful.

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Dianne said...

Pretty sure I know what you're applying for...any I think it would be a Perfect Fit!