Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Very White World

"The cold, however, was severe;
 and by the time the second carriage was in motion, 
a few flakes of snow were finding their way down, and the sky had the appearance of being so overcharged as to want only a milder air to produce a very white world in a very short time."
-Jane Austen

A few weeks ago I came across this line and paused. I was reading aloud to my daughter from Emma and smiled at Austen's description of the weather. Made sense at the time I was reading - we were in the "dead of Winter". How fun to come across a passage so easily understood. Our experience with snowfalls is sometimes just as she describes. The ground can be brown, bare, ugly and in a couple hours blanketed - pretty, clean, soft, peaceful.

On the day we were snuggled up together in the living room sipping tea and reading Austen, we only had to look out the window to see it in reality.

Today, March 18, against all our wills and all that is normal and all that is reasonable, our world is again very white.

Some say, "Enough already. Spring, two days away? C'mon. This is just insane."

But, even though this has been a loooooooooooong winter, there is still something magical about the very white world that begins with a few flakes "finding their way down."

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