Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Prayer Part Six

There's a lot of help going on in today's prayer for your husband.

But, we all need help. It is not always natural or automatic to embrace and carry out the roles of friend, supporter and lover.

I believe we can call on the grace of God to provide us courage and strength to be a friend when he needs it, a supporter of all he does, and a compassionate and passionate lover of him.

Maybe for you these all three came quite naturally when you first met. Maybe you recognized your limitation in one area or another, or two, but you were so enamored you were willing to make a commitment to grow in that area til death do you part.

I think one of the blessings of marriage is the time one has to work and grow on just about every area of life.

I pray to God I am only in the first fifth or sixth of my marriage. I would love to be like the couple we observed at the Cathedral of St. Paul one year who were celebrating 80 years of marriage to one another. Can you just imagine the growth of love in that relationship? The blessing to have 80 years to help, support and love someone? That is amazing!

Are you your spouse's advocate? His closest confidant? His nearest source of comfort, help and joy?

Pray that he has the eyes to see you as such.

Pray that you have the grace to act as such.

Good things will happen.

I looked up the reference here to Proberbs 15. My Bible, The Message, does not mince words. It's pretty clear. Stay faithful, stay supportive, ask forgiveness when you fail. Pray for a forgiving heart in return.

Help him see me as his helpmate and help me that I can be his best friend, supporter, and lover (Proverbs 5:18-19)

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