Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hawaii, Where Are You?

We saw the play A Tale of Two Cities last night.

Check out CBProductions. They produce wonderful theater, all performed and executed by teenagers.

We left the theater late in the evening.

We walked one and a half blocks to the car through falling, blowing snow.

It's April, people.

I am missing the warmth and the sun and the waves and the warmth and the color and the warmth and the glow and the warmth and the beauty and the warmth and the water and the warmth of Hawaii.

These might help me get through our latest and hopefully final snowfall of the season.

Our view from our bed and breakfast in Maui.
Views from the beach. Locals know how to surf. Big Time.
Visitors know how to relax. Big Time.
And Sunset Beach delivered.
I think I'm good for now.

The imagination works wonders.

Pictures help.

And maybe I will have to lose myself in a book.

Like Dickens A Tale of Two Cities. I'm inspired to read it again after last night.

For now I will settle for the warmth of the fireplace and a hot cup of tea.

That should get me through the next week.

If its like this on Easter though...

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