Sunday, April 3, 2011

News Flash

In my de-cluttering and cleaning I often find notebooks and pads of paper filled with creative stories, scripts, and letters. Our 11 year old is quite the writer.

Tonight she wrote a newspaper article or newsletter of sorts.

Here it is in full.

Your first issue is free. Subsequent subscriptions will cost you $1.99 each.

Someone is saving her money.

Eleven year olds have goals.

Maddie's Observation and News

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hi there, folks. Lucky today we didn't get any snow as expected. In fact, most of the snow is melting after that uneventful storm.

UCONN and Butler play in the NCAA championship game tomorrow, Monday, April 4. Here is the team my family is cheering for:



Dad spray painted our chandelier dark brown; we have been having problems with that lamp since Mom tried to lower it.

Kate, Izzy and I have been reading lots of good books: Kate, the Dear America series; Izzy, Her Bible with mom; Maddie, Black Ships Before Troy and American Girl books.

More News
  • Izzy's getting glasses for school
  • Twins (MN baseball team) seems to be doing well
  • Timberwolves lost against the Heat
  • Golden Gopher men and womens gymnastics is going great; both made it to the championship meet!
  • Staubles and Cunninghams work together by sharing a garbage can to save money and create compost, though smelly, very colorful.
  • Mom and Dad have been doing prayer together regularly.

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