Friday, May 27, 2011


My friend passed this on to me. She is part of a MOPS group and one of the speakers, Angie Abfalter, offered this acronym, one that I think is helpful inspiration for us moms.

It goes a little something like this.

P - Practice what you preach.

O - Offer encouragement. Be specific with your praise.

S - Show them love.

I - Invest time in your kids. Guard your family time. Give them quality time.

T - This too shall pass. The days are long but the years are short.

I - Ignite a passion for the Lord.

V - View the world as a child.

E - Embrace who they are. See their potential.

M - Me time. Take it and use it.

O - Overwhelming calendars. Limit it.

M - Make God the Lord of your life.

I think there is some good wisdom here. It's simple, but sometimes that's all we can handle. Simple phrases and messages to guide us through all the information that claims to help us help ourselves.

When you find good advice, run with it.

I am positive you can do it.

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