Saturday, May 7, 2011

Everyday Glory

A few weeks ago I attended a retreat for women in the Servant Branch of the People of Praise. We were a couple hundred women spending a weekend together sharing our lives; having fun; eating together; exercising; praying with one another; competing in games of 500; attempting to solve local, regional and national problems - economic, political, social, educational, etc; oh, yes, and listening to a wonderful woman named Laurie share her thoughts on the Glory of God In Our Everyday Lives.

Laurie's talks helped me both reflect and apply some methods to hearing the sometimes very quiet voice of the Lord in my often cluttered mind, life, and home. She helped us see the many instances of God's glory shining brightly in our life together. And, she gave us hope for seeing more, doing more and being more God's glory in the world.

Re-entry into my life after a retreat can be a hard transition at times. Not that I have to jump back into mothering and wifing (I am going to use the word just because) in such a way that I can't think straight or regret ever leaving. Ben has a way about him that allows for me to leave and come back in a peaceful state of mind and body. His attention to the kids and the home throughout a weekend like this is very helpful when I anticipate coming back.

Re-entry is more often hard because it mentally takes time for me to sort out the message or topic of a retreat and work to incorporate it into my life.

How can I use all this good material in my life? What nuggets of wisdom should I hold fast to? Which parts should I directly work to bring about and what can be left for a later time? What are the personal ways I felt the love of God through Laurie's words?

More specific to this retreat, where do I see the glory of God in my everyday life?

Let's face it. Most of life is ordinary. Very very very ordinary.

Not necessarily dull, boring, mundane, or meaningless.

But not the stuff of huge miracles or earth shattering moments of dramatic change, recognition, or adventure.

It just is.

However, in the ordinary moments, hours, days, weeks and months, we can still pick out the glory times.

Here's one from a couple weeks ago.

My dear daughter has poor eyesight. Very poor we found out just recently. The poor girl has been working hard to correct what she can't see on her own. Never complaining (hence, the wait for a visit to the optometrist), never straining, just dealing with it.

Anyway, Ben, myself and Izzy were in the doctor's office, and he went through his spiel about her eyes and what kind of correction they need.

We were wrapping up the appointment and Ben said to the Doctor, "So, we are a fairly faith filled family. What specifically should we pray for so that her eye sight may be completely healed?"

The optometrist answered his question.

We thanked him and left.

We let her pick her glasses.

She looks adorable.
That night, Ben prayed over her for that specific thing he asked about.

We've been praying since.

Who knows if she will be healed?

For now, I am grateful for the everyday glory I witnessed - A father's deep care and love for his daughter's sight. And his follow through in applying the advice.

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