Monday, June 21, 2010

A Tale of Two Races

We topped off Father's Day weekend with a trip to Stillwater to watch the final stage of a professional bike race.  We caught the end of the women's race and stayed for the beginning, middle and end of the men's.

I think Ben really enjoyed having his four gals along to share in his love of cycling. Can you tell?
He may have been the loudest fan out there.

They came fast and furious for 20 laps around the streets of this quaint and popular small town. 
Good thing these hay bails showed up.  A wipe out on this turn would prove disastrous.
Then its up the steep hill where the finish line awaits.  At this point of each lap, the riders have to reach into their suitcase of courage to reach the top (a favorite line borrowed from the Tour de France.)
Some of us felt as tired as the riders.  Well practically.
Oh, did I mention it was sunny as all heck?

And, since we really couldn't see first hand the riders reach the finish line at the top, we followed the peleton's ascent via the large screen we happened to plant ourselves in front of.
It was an exciting, hot, a little nerve wracking (given the crash within the first few seconds), hot, brutal, hot, fun, makes-me-feel-guilty-that-I-don't-bike-more kind of day.

Happy Father's Day, Ben. We love you and your passions.

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