Monday, June 28, 2010

Simple Sewing Project - Great Gift Idea

My sister in law invited us over to decorate onesies for her baby that is coming very soon. She had all the supplies ready: cute fabric, some with patterns, some plain; scissors; clean white onesies in various sizes; and one roll of Heat n Bond, an iron on adhesive. She also provided fabric markers.
We each choose our favorite fabric(s) and let our imaginations run wild as we designed a shape to adorn the front and/or back of the onesie.
We cut out the fabric and ironed it on to the adhesive, trimmed the fabric to the exact shape we wanted, then ironed it on to the onesie. Finally, we either hand stitched around the edge of the shape, or used the machine. Izzy choose to use fabric markers to further embellish her onesie. She wrote "BABY" across the front. Cute to have her four year old writing on the itty bitty onesie for her cousin-to-be.
And, in a matter of a couple short hours, we had created some really cute garments for Little Cunningham. Layering fabric worked too as you can see with the car (Grace's creation), the lady bug squares (Maddie's creation), and the elephant (Judy's).
This last picture doesn't include them all, but displays the bulk of them. How cute would it be to give one of these (like the car) to a new mom and include a little book about cars? Or one with an animal and pair it with a book about the zoo?

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