Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bye Bye, Europe. Hello, America! Or, the Best $5 Deal Ever.

Normally I would comment on the smile, the freckles, the uniform perfectly buttoned and belted. I would tell you about this 2nd grader almost turned 3rd grader who leaves the Medieval world of Europe and in three short months will study the exploration and settling of America.  I would tell you how proud I am of her - she blossomed in Reading and Spelling, persevered through Math, and collected over 120 stars for good behavior in the classroom.  I would tell you that her passion for reading, art and writing has spilled over to our dining room table where she sketches, copies funny quotes from books and shares stories from the day's work. It has made its way to her top bunk where she joyfully reads and explains the hard words to her doting 4 1/2 year old-dying-to-go-to-school-roommate.

But I won't tell you that today.

Today I will share with you one of my best $5 purchases ever. And its being modeled here by said 2nd grader almost turned 3rd grader above.
Five years ago, Daughter #1 (my 4th grader almost turned 5th grader) and I were braving the international (super fun) crowds of IKEA probably looking for a lamp or measuring shelves or something.  We entered the kitchen gadget area and spotted these backpacks. Now what they were doing in the kitchen area, much less at IKEA, a furniture store, I have no idea.  But, since Daughter # 1 was an almost Kindergartner I scooped it up; the price tag was $5 and I did not want the hassle of searching for a back pack anywhere else. This was too good of an opportunity to pass up.  And let me tell you...I was RIGHT.  In use now for 5 years and counting (that's $1 for each year), this backpack has been weighted down, kicked around, stuffed for sleepovers, dragged across concrete, passed down to the next kid, dragged some more, kicked, flung, you get the picture.  Except for a little fraying here and there I think it has a good two years left.

 That is, unless Daughter #3 my almost turned pre-schooler decides that this twice handed down backpack is just a wee bit to blue and green for her.  She's into pink and purple these days.  Oh, and very excited for the Kindergarten year to begin in 15 months, or about 450 days.

Should I have her start counting down now?

What's your best $5 deal?

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