Friday, June 11, 2010

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Always hold hands across the busy street.
I see it! I see the park!
Yep, here it is. Target Field. Home of the Minnesota Twins.
Mom, I's scared. These seats are REALLY high.
Our view.  You betcha we were high up.
But the view was amazing.
Hey, what's that little white dot there in the middle?
Oh, that's Joe Mauer. #7. Last year's American League MVP. Now I recognize him. 
Need to see the sideburns just to be sure.
Whew, now that we got that out of the way, we can work at staying warm.  You could sail to South Africa and catch a World Cup game in about 5 minutes with these gusts.
A seventh inning what? Oh, a seventh inning stretch...What's an inning? 
They didn't win. It was a shame.  But we had a blast anyway.  A memorable first time at the park and an all time first baseball game for the girls.  I am predicting, one of MANY.

One last note. If I drank beer, which I don't and really don't plan to...I'd sit here.  What a fabulous idea.  Just an architectural gem, this place.

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Dianne said...

Thank you Lord for Lucy in my life!!!! Yes ,I am married to a photogragher but I NEVER get to see his photos. Then enter Lucy ......and I see amazing photos of our adventures... the DAY AFTER. Again, God you are soooooooo good to me!