Saturday, December 4, 2010

Let the Children Play

Funny how things happen. I had a conversation today with 3 other women and we discussed the abundance of toys out there. I mentioned I had recently been to Babies R Us to purchase something off a registry and I was totally overwhelmed by the floor to ceiling amount of stuff. After raising three babies, I am convinced that it really does not take that much can get by with little or just everyday things around the house stuff to raise kids.  One person mentioned hearing an interview on NPR with the founder or CEO of Toys R Us and his defending his store items with the claim that kids need toys and fun. I agree partially. Kids have a high need for fun. I think though that a few toys can aid in their fun. Most toys are one dimensional and can't get much use because they are not designed to. Also, fun can be found in more things or opportunities.

Later today my sister in law emailed a link to this article. Give it a read. It is good and speaks to something I have thought about since my kids were very little.

I still marvel at how they can take two sticks or two pencils and turn them into people. Or take two blocks and make a table for their pencils to eat at.  And how much they can participate in the stuff/chores of home and enjoy it as well.

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