Sunday, December 26, 2010

Homemade Gifts - Part 4

Izzy's homemade gift from me included this embellished hat and fleece scarf. I purchsed the hat from Land's End and added a flower made of ribbon with buttons in the center.  These buttons are sold at Michael's in sets of three - cute coordinating buttons in three sizes.  I sewed the scarf together from Blizzard fleece purchased at Joann's.

I also included in her gift a coupon from me to spend time together learning how to ice skate - something I learned eons ago while gliding across our bumpy homemade ice in the back yard of our house.

I have been thinking of ways to influence Ben and change his mind about setting up our own rink so the girls can just head outside whenever they want and skate.  I can hear the arguments already though, "If we have a rink, where will the igloo go?"  "How will be account for the big tree in the middle of the yard?"  "How will we keep the grass healthy underneath?" As if our grass has a chance anyway. It has not looked the same since we moved here over four years ago."  "The water bill, honey. The water bill."  Etc.

Details. Details.

Well, in the time being, I will take Izzy out and hunt around for a rink.

Regardless of where we end up skating, I think she'll be cute on the ice with her hate and scarf.

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