Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Breath of Heaven

So I had a moment today of sitting in a cluttered chaotic space and I glanced over at a shelf in our dining room. This is what I saw.
Mary. Alone. Waiting.

Today Izzy started our Advent tradition of popping out a character from a Nativity book, and each day until the 25th, the kids take turns adding a person or animal and building the Nativity scene.  Izzy had cleared off the shelf of its normal contents. She left the dust. Oh well. And for one day Mary will stand alone.

It just humbled me and moved me to see her there with no one around and yet the hope and expectation of companionship, God's fulfillment and His glory is not far off. 

It is the moments that seem so long.  

Then an Amy Grant song came to mind, Breath of Heaven. I have always loved this song.  It is beautiful.  A song of Mary.

I found it on youtube with video from the movie The Nativity Story accompanying it. 

Take a look here.

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