Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Homemade Gifts - Part 2

Christmas this year has involved making more gifts than ever before. I have found it wonderful to make something with my own two cracking dry nail bitten hands and spend the time to plan, collect materials, sew, and wrap. I've made way too any trips to Joann Fabrics, Treadle Yard Goods and the Crafty Planet, but at this time of the year it all gets absorbed into the craziness and hustle and bustle and I know that stage will pass. Right?

One gift I made is a Vikings throw pillow for my godson, a huge football and Vikings fan.  I plan to have my goddaughter over for her birthday to make her own Packer pillow. We have our very own border battle going in the godchildren department.  If these two kids ever meet, watch out. The pillows may become weapons.  "Throw pillow" will take on a whole new meaning.

Here is the one I made for Pierson along with the featherweight Singer sewing machine lent to me by a friend.
 I love this machine! It is portable, so I easily take it along with me to my sewing class a couple times each month. It only does a straight stitch so it is easy to use, no bells and whistles to break down. I can easily follow the directions in the manual to change the needle, thread the bobbin, etc. Did I mention it is easy to use?!  I did a Craig's list search once and found the same machine close by, but didn't pursue it. I want to get more experience at sewing and try different brands of machines before taking the plunge. Because once I own a machine, I have to put it somewhere, and that usually means getting rid of something else. This place can only house so much in the way of hobby paraphernalia.

One tip for the pillow to keep costs down: I bought the Vikings fleece on sale and purchased enough for the pillow front. For the back I used a solid yellow fleece that is not as expensive as the team licensed material.

A fun and easy homemade project!

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