Friday, May 21, 2010

Trying to Imitate the Best

It turns out parent/child music classes offer more than I thought.  I noticed the amazingly cute wardrobe on this little girl during our six week session and through inquiry and the huge label on the back of the clothes found out about Matilda Jane clothing.  Much to my surprise (no, not really) I found the clothing online and the expensive price tags attached.  The real reason I choose not to buy a dress is they can only be purchased through Trunk Shows (similar to an Usborne Book Home Show, which any of you can host and I will gladly do for you anytime).  No, I confess, it was mostly the prices.  Even though I have been known to splurge on occasion, these prices were out of my range.  But, I fell in love with the clothing.  Like Izzy fell in love with ironing.  Only mine was a deeper love, like with the actual fabric and knotted straps.  So, I decided to try to sew one dress that even came close to the vision of these.

With Mary's tutoring and just plain taking over at certain points, I was able to piece together something that I can proudly call my first sewn dress.
 My Izzy. 
(Please try to ignore the rusty hand rail and weird residue on the front door. One of these days I will have a camera that blurs the background like the one above with cute Matilda model girl. Man, will that come in handy!)

In the last year I have also become acquainted with fabric designed by Amy Butler and have frequented Treadle Yard Goods to purchase fun fabrics.  Amy's fabrics helped bring Matilda's inspiration to life.  Thanks, Amy. Thanks, Matilda. Thanks, Cute Girl from Music Class and Big Huge Label on back of cute girl's dress.

P.S.  Notice how the blue fabric at the hem of her dress is strikingly similar to the background of this blog?  I salivate when I see these blues.


Babs said...

absolutely stinkin adorable!

We choose to live this life. said...

Someday your daughter will wear one. I promise.