Friday, May 7, 2010

Raising Girls and Helpful info

Listened to this interview and found I agree with a lot of it. I have always been bothered by words printed on the butt of girls (little little girls') clothing...this is only one small point of the author's book, but speaks to something much bigger in our culture.

Investing in our children's "spiritual core" is so important. I've been thinking about specific ways to do this in our home.
  • Reading about heroic, holy, strong women and girls
  • Talking about modesty and pointing out what is and is not modest
  • Providing lots of opportunities for open conversation about what is going on in their life and what they think about it
  • Responding immediately as a mom when they ask a question, express the desire to spend time with me
  • Encouraging their own prayer life
  • Encouraging them to write down or capture their memories, what is important to them
  • Allow for good one on one relationships with other strong and wise women (encouraging Kate to play tennis with Aunt Jill, for example)
  • Help them think through decisions and using their free will to make the best choices based on the unique individual they are
There are lots more....any other ideas out there?

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