Friday, May 21, 2010

Learning from the Best

Izzy and I spent a Saturday recently with Aunt Mary. Our goal was to sew and learn all the tricks of the trade.  I especially needed the reminders about measuring, marking the line to cut, etc. I never have been good at being exact.  With Mary at my side I was able to successfully sew my first dress. More on that later.

Izzy was successful in making her very first pillow case and blanket for her doll.
She found that "sewing" meant lots of preparation before the actual stitching.  She's handles a scissors well.

As well as an iron. In fact, in as much as a four and a half year old can actually fall in love with something, I think it is safe to say that Izzy fell in love with ironing and has asked to do it since. Thank God! At least one person around here enjoys it.  Train 'em early I say.
And the finished product!  A bitty blanket and bitty pillow for her bitty baby (whose name changes like the wind).  
Well done, Isabel. Thank you for the generous giving of a whole Saturday, Mary!

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