Thursday, May 6, 2010

A cold and cold weather

Well Maddie has been home sick with a fever and cold for three days now. With only one or two instances of strep EVER in our home, I am convinced it is a virus and will fade away. Had hoped to get to more gardening done this week and weekend, but the temp has dropped and wind is something fierce. I can really understand why "they" say to wait to plant until after Mother's Day. So, for now we wait patiently for health and pray against anyone else getting sick. The weekend is packed with fun, service and fellowship. I hope it can all be accomplished.

Yesterday I went through each room of the house looking for those items that we absolutely do NOT need or use. I have a small pile saved up to sell at our garage sale in two weeks. I like our small spaces since we cannot have much anyway, but I always look for new ways to be efficient or streamline our things and spaces. I usually use the rule that if it hasn't been used in one year, it probably will not be used again. I rarely regret getting rid of anything with this method of downsizing/cleaning house.

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Jen said...

Sorry Maddie's not feeling well. Charis is sick with a UTI. We made a visit to Urgent Care last night.

I wish I had your gift of cleaning house. I have such a hard time tossing, yet feel so good when I do!