Tuesday, May 25, 2010

First Farmer's Market Outing

Herbs, Pumpkin plant, Zucchini plant, Impatiens, Pepper plants, hanging plant...our first finds this summer.

Farmer's Market

 I love the pink flowers against the light green bush...no idea what type of bush this is. It may be the last thing in the yard that I have yet to identify.
My "herb garden".  I have big plans for the tarragon (top plant).  Will post the recipe soon.  Basil is just a staple and I hope to have an abundance at the end of the season to use for pesto. Last year I barely used the rosemary. I just love to smell it on the deck!

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Nadine Ferber said...

Hey Sister! Let me know what you do with the tarragon...I have a plant too :) I also have a big sage plant. I don't know why I planted either of these but I love to experiment with cooking. If you could share some recipes that would be great!