Sunday, February 13, 2011

Waves - 1st Set

We came, we watched, we marveled, we jumped, we plunged, we dropped our jaws, we surfed (and that is a very generous word to use), we paddled, we compared size, height...

So, yes, indeed we saw waves. And I took many a picture of Ben just watching I predicted.

The North Shore of Oahu held the most spectacular waves I have ever seen.  Because of the length of the trip and not much of an agenda, we were able to head up to the North Shore multiple times and pull over whenever and wherever we wanted. That was a wonderful freedom to have!

These at Shark's Cove were the most explosive and beautiful and my favorite to photograph.  The setting sun provided the right light too.

This warning about Shark's Cove appears on one website highlighting the beaches on Oahu:

Cautions: During the winter waves can reach 40-50 foot on the north shore. They pound the rocks surrounding the cove. If you suspect large surf, DO NOT venture to the outer rocks (As seen in the adjacent picture) . And NEVER turn your back to the ocean. The waves are constantly changing and you can never predict their next move.

Cautions and warnings aside, this is a breathtaking beach.
And my favorite...

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