Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Once upon a time there was a guy who asked a girl to wake up very very early and drive 40 minutes to watch the sun rise over the Pacific Ocean at the Southeastern coast of Oahu.

She agreed.

They missed the alarm.

But, they thought they just might have time to catch it, if they hurried.

They scrambled to dress, down some coffee, find keys, a map, and out the door they went.

Just in time as it turned out.

The girl sat and watched. The scenery changing with each passing second.

Hello sun. You are beautiful.  
You gave the boy and girl an idea for a cool shadow photo.
You illuminated the horizontal lines in the rock beneath them.
And the vertical lines in the mountain behind them.
A mountain/hill that had they woken with the alarm the boy and girl would have climbed via thousands and thousands of stairs to watch all of this from the top.

I think in the end, they got a great view anyway.


Jen said...

You should publish this! It would make a great picture book. (Maybe leave out the part about coffee, I don't think Charis would get that)

meg.ferber said...

Really beautiful. I love the way you wrote this, too.