Monday, February 14, 2011

Sweetest Things

Sweetest Thing #1:

A sweetest thing for my sweetest pre-schooler. "Mom, I don't have any clothes with hearts on them."

I can remedy that.

Raid the drawers and find a too-small-for-my-middle-child-slightly-stained-past-its-prime white shirt to get creative with.
Find a few fabric remnants and grab some Heat n Bond iron on adhesive. I found mine at Joann Fabrics.
Cut three hearts, iron on the adhesive, iron on the shirt.

The sweetest thing with a sweet shirt.
Moms, it can take only a couple minutes to pull together a "brand new" wardrobe item.

Sweetest Thing #2:

A dad's love for his daughters comes through with a bouquet of red tulips, a love note, and 4 truffles a piece for each one.

Dads, show your daughters your love for them every day. In word and deed. In small tokens of affection and words that build them up.

Time flies and they will soon be looking for someone to do the same for them outside your home.

Show them how its done well now.

Sweetest Thing #3:

I can text my sweetest thing throughout the day when my throat is on fire and it hurts to talk.

I can thank him for the flowers, the chocolate that won't last until 5pm and the note.

I can share our love for U2 and remember when I first heard this song in college. We made it our theme for a dorm dance held on Valentine's Day. That blind date is long gone but the song still brings smiles.

Significant others, thank those that take the time to bless you.

Even if it feel like there is sandpaper aflame in your throat.

You can always find a way.

Hey, Bono did. He made an "I'm Sorry" video without speaking. And he was really really sorry.


Jill said...

Sweetest Thing #4 A beautiful, red-headed woman whose deep love for her family and friends is shown through her writing, photography, sewing, and (I am certain) prayer.

Sweetest Thing #5 That woman's decisiveness and follow-through which allows us to be blessed by her creativity.

It reminds me of Matthew 25:20-21

We choose to live this life. said...

Jill, do you remember that dance at SMC?!

Jill said...

Yes, the boxers with the sweetest thing written on the back are long gone, but I remember my date kept singing that song the whole night.

We choose to live this life. said...

the boxers! I completely forgot about them! your date, though, I remember so well. He sure loved his voice!