Saturday, February 19, 2011

Shine Like A Star

The setting:   A one story home with three bedrooms and one bathroom.
The time:   This morning right after breakfast.
The Characters:   A mom and her five year old.

Izzy:  Mom, when can I clean the bathroom and make it shine like a star?"

Me:  Umm, okay, ummm, well...(No kid of this mom has ever ever ever asked to clean the bathroom, much less promised it will "shine like a star", much less volunteered to do a Saturday chore.)

After her momentary shock, the mom says, "Go for it!  Here are the paper towels and spray bottle."

Fast forward 20 minutes.

Izzy:  Mom, come look at the bathroom.

She stands at the closed door ready to reveal her work. First, she opens her palm and asks her mom for a penny.  Like the mom needs to pay her to see the work.

Mom thinks:  Oh, now I get it. You did this for money. Now it makes sense.

She pulls out a pretend penny from her pocket, places it in her hand and waits for the big reveal. She is soooo cheap. But Izzy is five and falls for it.

The bathroom looks great. 

Izzy proudly shows the mom how she arranged the soaps and things around each corner of the tub; how she shined the mirror, and how she buffed the faucet.

Mom, smiling and thinking to herself:   Nice work, kid.  I will never ever ever ever underestimate you. You are full of wonderful surprises.


meg.ferber said...

So great. Izzy showed similar character when she was here for the week.

Babs said...

I love to clean the bathroom as well, a girl after my own heart :)