Thursday, December 15, 2011

On The Hunt

I have received exactly 56 Christmas related catalogs in the mail so far. I started saving them and counting in mid-November.  Just a little game for me to play until the big day. The day which as we all know is about ordering stuff from catalogs and spending, spending, spending.  Wait, am I on a soap box? I don't mean to be. Let me get down.

There is a point here.

I paused when flipping through one of the catalogs at this outfit.
I just absolutely love it.

I can give or take the belt. And the shades aren't my style. 

But the rest is really fun. I think its the colors.

Here's my problem. And its really all about the Math. 

I don't love the price. Jacket + Long Sleeve Tee + Scarf = Way Over My Budget. 

In dollars that's 128 + 58 + 45 = 231


The word problem might read something like this:

"Middle class wife and mother of three is on a mission. She wants to buy this outfit or one very near it for 75% less than what it retails for. If it retails for $231, how much is she willing to spend?  How many stores and websites will she need to scour before she either accomplishes her goal or keels over from sheer exhaustion and disgust at the mess she has gotten herself into."

I realize I just created a two-part problem. These are common in my home during homework time, so I am a pro at them.

Let me start with this.

I found a close look alike of the jacket at a second hand store for $23.

A steal.

I'm on my way.

I will keep you updated on my progress.

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