Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Frozen Fun

We came prepared for snow, skiing, wet snow pants, snowball fights and making long tracks across the lake.

We arrived to no snow, not one flake- but we had a frozen lake at our disposal. Endless possibilities. And we used it. A lot. We only have three pairs of skates between the five of us so we were not all able to skate at once. Yes, Ben wore mine. Scary, I know.  For the record, they are too big for me and too small for him.

All the girls improved their skating ability and enjoyed it more and more as the weekend wore on.  I impressed everyone with my Michelle Kwan spins. Not really, but they made cool patterns on the ice. 

We also treasure hunted and peered through the ice to all the water had to offer below. Fish, shells, a cinder block, and a 4 inch beetle (crawling underneath the ice so we saw its belly).

Ben invented a game on the ice. We call it "Rock".  We are not so inventive with names. Just games.  It's a combination of curling, shuffle board, bocce ball, and the like.  It involves etching fours squares inside each other and finding 6 large rocks.  At one point I wondered where he found the rocks. The neighbor's landscaping?  Hmmmm. I chose not to ask and just enjoyed the game. We played in teams and just one on one.  We played by full sunlight and bright full moon light. It was a hit.

 We stayed dry which meant we were able to suit up again and again and again and again.

Rocks, Skates, Ice, Good Friends and Good Food.

Oh, and our favorite canine companion.

A perfect combination.

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